2011 Suzuki GSXR 750

I first started riding on a 2005 Suzuki GS500F back in 2009.  I rode that for a few years until I felt I was advanced enough to order a brand new 2011 GSXR from my local dealer in Opelika, AL.

List of current mods:

Fender Eliminator
Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen
Custom Engraved Frame Sliders with matching bar ends and rear spools
Pazzo Engraved Levers
KN Filter
TPX Motorcycle Radar
Yoshimura Case savers and engine plugs
Reflective Black Brembo Lettering
Rear Seat delete cowl
Cat Delete and M4 GP Exhaust
BAZZAZ with Auto Tune
Sena Bluetooth Comm System
Saddlemen Carbon Fiber Gel Seat
Galfer Wave Rotors
Galfer Braided Brake Lines
Galfer Brake Pads

Delivery From Crate to my Dealer:


First Few Days of Ownership:


August 28 2013
Deer Crash at 6:25AM going about 65 - 70 MPH on a 4 Lane Hwy headed to work.

Deer came from behind a concrete barrier, from which I hit completely head on with my bike.  I was very fortunate, the bike didn't veer of course what so ever, I was able to maintain a straight course to the shoulder were I slowed to a stop.  All I had time to do was come to a low tuck and brace for impact.  With cars to my side and rear and sudden moves meant I would be run over by something worse.  (BTW no cars stopped at all after my impact)  It felt like I had hit a brick wall, or a shot gun went off in my helmet.  I was in shock that I was alive and that the bike didn't spill.  I found out that 15 minutes after I had my collision, a teacher driving about 2 miles back from me wasn't so fortunate, she collided with a logging truck and died.  I knew when the state patrol I contacted for a report all kept flying passed me and I saw the emergency vehicles racing down the road as I waited for my ride that someone wasn't as lucky.  

Luckily I had full coverage and practically no deductible, cost right at 6K to have it fixed.  Bent the front forks, busted the head light, new tires, and all new plastics had to be installed along with front brake rotors.  

After the Fix