2001 Pontiac Supercharged Grand Prix GT

3800 SC V6 (OEM NA Engine)

HUD (Head Up Display) 
Digital DIC 
Auto Dim Mirror with Temp/Compass 
Performance Shift 
Steering Wheel Controls 
Power Seat

*L36 High Compression Block with L67 Top, Supercharged
*Port and Polished Heads, Intake, and Eaton M90 Blower
*Mirror Polished Supercharger
*Custom Tuned ZZP PCM 1.0 (Top Swapped GT with GTP Files and Performance Shit Button)
*S/S Headers with 1 3/4 Primaries, Catless 3" DP
----Replaced the ZZP 2.5"DP with High Flow Cat
*MPS Running Either a 3.8, 3.4, or 3.3 Pulley Depending on Conditions
*4T65E Heavy Duty Upgrade 
*Performance Shift Tables and GTP Shifter Knob with Button 
*Upgraded Trans AM 12" Aluminum Dual Piston Brakes with Slotted/Drilled Zinc Plated Rotors 
*Powder Coated Front and Rear Calipers 
*JMB Fenderwell Air Intake with K&N Filter
*Complete GMPP Suspension Kit 
----Trailing Arms, Front and Rear Sway Bars, and Strut 
----Tower Braces with custom fabbed and powder coated brackets) 
*GM W-Body Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler Kit Add-On 
*SLP 2003 Edition GTX S/S Exhaust Tips 
*Full Pillar Gauge Pod (Aeroforce Scan Gauge, AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Oil Pressure Gauge & CF Boost)
*HUD Pod (Carbon Fiber Voltmeter and CF Air-Fuel [pointless btw])
*ZZP Fuel Pump Rewire Kit
*Daytona Roof Rails and Rear Spoiler
*Black Projector Headlights
*SD Fiberglass Ram Air Hood
*Polished Grill Inserts for all six grills (Lower, Main, and Hood)
*ZZP Fuel Pump Rewire
*ZZP Short Stack Intercooler (SSIC)

Click the page that says "Top Swap" for those photos.

12/31/10 Update!  Haven't updated in a while, I have gotten more into tuning my sport bike than my Grand Prix, and I restored a 88 Fiero GT with T-Tops last year.  I am still very active with the car however.  Since the rail install, I have installed the matching Daytona Styled rear spoiler, added black projector lights, SD Ram Air Hood (my FAVORITE APPEARANCE MOD!), some polished Grill inserts, new higher speed rated tires, and installed a ZZP SSIC.  I actually just finished the SSIC today, on new years eve.  The install went fairly smooth, I'm very picky with where I run lines, and what I remove so it took a bit longer than it should.  I'll get updated pics soon!  I really love the hood and the SSIC really helped with the little knock I was receiving at WOT.

I know, I know... a picture is worth a thousand words.

01/18/09 Update!   Roof Rails are painted and Installed:

Camelhmpz's 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

Camelhmpz's 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

She needs a washing badly I know, however it's winter and one of our coldest in a few years so she'll have to wait.  The roof rail install went smooth.  I scuffed the old dark cherry paint to remove the old clear coat, wet sanding them all the way up to 2000 grit and then placed 2 thin layers of primer and wet sanded again up to 2000 grit.  I then painted 3 thin coats of Deep Black followed by a few layers of clear.  The old factory flat trim peeled up with little resistance, it's attached with 3M Emblem/Trim Tape.  There was a small section of the tape here and there that stuck to the roof, but it rolls off easy with your finger.  I then cleaned the track really well and got rif of all the dirt and grease then used 3Ms Weather Striping adhesive, following their instructions on the package.  They set up nicely and lay nice and flat with the roof. 

The spoiler install will take some time.  I am going to have to weld up the standard factory spoiler holes, six total, and smooth the lid out, then drill the three new ones in order to install the new spoiler.  Then I will have to repaint the entire deck lid.  I will paint the spoiler and lid separately, I do not see a blending issue with this color.  I really enjoy, and get into the "rare GM Parts" thing about cars so I don't mind going through work like this.  However for those of you who don't, SLP made a spoiler that is a knock off to the rare daytona/special edition/40th spoiler, the SLP one is a lot wider and utilizes the six factory hole in the deck lid with little or no modification of the holes.  (Some have said they have to oblong one or two holes.)  I have ordered my replacement decals for the Grand Prix logo on the rear of the spoiler and the new Supercharger decal to replace the old stock GP Logo spot.  Both of these will be in reflective black to go with the reflective red on the lower fascia "PONTIAC".  I also went ahead and order a few extra decals of my custom logo that I christen this car, "Project Potent Prix".  I already have this custom logo under the hood, over the engine, behind the Supercharger on the strut tower brace, I will now add it on the rear quarter panel windows.

Stay tune for the Spoiler Install in a few weeks and the Tranny Upgrade.  Thanks to all for the messages and comments.  :-D

01/14/09 Update!   NASCAR Fences (Roof Rails) and Daytona Spoiler Install Soon!

I purchased a set of very sought after rare roof rails and a spoiler from a 2002 40th Anniversary Prix and will be installing soon.  These items only came on 2000 Daytona Editions, 2001 Special Editons, and 2002 40th Anniversary Editions.  I plan to repaint the rails a nice deep gloss black and the spoiler will match the bright red body color.  It's sort of sad to have to repaint over the Dark Cherry color from their respected stock color.  Ill debadge the rear, reapply a "Grand Prix" Decal like the 40th used, and replace the stock Grand Prix logo on the trunk with a SuperCharger decal on the rear.  Pics coming soon.

11/15/08 Update!   Purchased a "HD" Swap kit to upgrade the tranny to a 4T65E-HD (Heavy Duty) Differential.  Will install in Spring of 2009.

10/17/08 Update!   Top Swap and Header install complete!